Shroomin' Put Me in a Morel Mood, or, What I Ate: Deepwood Morel Mushroom Dinner

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

If you missed last weekend's super-fun morel mushroom dinner at one of our city's best--i.e.Deepwood Restaurant, --then here's a taste:

Parmesan (crispy) polenta cake with asparagus tips, morel and truffle oil

Frisee, quail egg and Lucky Penny chevre-stuffed morel (rich, bitter and tangy played nice together)

Escargot (which a dining companion called "seafood of the ground") Vol au Vent: like a puff pastry with an intensely rich cognac-morel cream

Ribeye with morel-studded potato gratin, ramps and port reduction--mmmmm

Mushroom-dusted scallop, gnocchetti, morel-fava-ramp saute--more mmmmm, and I loved how three fleetingly seasonal ingredients made their way into this bold and beautifully delicious dish

Chocolate Pot de Creme with cocoa-morel crepe cake and sour cherry--leave it to Deepwood to make a good mushroom-accented dessert!

For some reason (maybe we drank 'em too quickly) we forgot to photograph the wine pairings we sprang for — at a super-affordable $20.

While I would've liked more morel presence in the courses, this was a great meal — and, at $45, a great deal.