Times New Viking's "Ever Falling In Love" video is highly stimulating

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Times New Viking promised their latest Brandon Reichard-directed video would be some next level ish, and true to form, this clip for "Ever Falling In Love" from the new "Dancer Equired" is as visually stunning as the "No Room To Live" video.

Once again they've managed to apply that patchwork collage aesthetic to a forward-looking approach, all while paying homage to their city and their scene. (Look what they've done to Cafe Bourbon Street and its patrons.) It's beautiful, inspiring and a little confusing, but no so much that you can't follow the idealistic plot. And if not, they explained it for Grayson Currin over at IFC.

TNV's next local show is July 1 at the Wexner Center.