What I Ate: Lunch at Sage

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Bistro Banh Mi

Sage's new lunch menu premiered yesterday, and I popped in for a taste. Above are my leftovers from Sage's take on a banh mi--which turned out to be a hearty hybrid of the traditional Vietnamese sandwich (itself bearing some baguette cultural baggage from French colonialism) and American style pulled pork. Specifically, the hefty hunks of juicy piggy wore a light bbq-type sauce but arrived also clad in banh mi-appropriate fixins like cilantro, pickled veggies and jalapeno spears.

All lunchtime sandwiches come with housemade chips (thick, crispy and dusted with a lively cumin, paprika and cayenne spice mix) and cost $9 (except for the $11 burger)

In the words of a soon-to-be-divorced meathead, "I'll be baahck"