"I think I can just squeeze in a little bit more ", or, What I Ate and Ate and Ate and Ate...Taste of Dine Originals

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Last night, scores of gourmands and assorted other in-the-know hungry funseekers (what should we call ourselves? The Snack Pack? The Tabletalkers? The Gut-eratti?) packed the lovely Grange Audubon Center on a sultry, feels-like-summer evening to wine and dine in high old style. Here a peek:

Alana likes local sourcing and Thai flavors

I like Alana--and not just 'cause she gives me jello shots made with Oyo vodka and strawberries grown in her yard

Barrio bites

Barcelona Mini-Cubanos

Surly Girl's typically fun and funky set-up

Skillet's ramp and morel polenta and...

...lemony panna cotta were highlights

Shaw's hearty and unctuous bison braised in Rockmill Brewery's Dubbel with a nifty slaw on the side

This soup from Luce was a knockout

Speaking of knockouts, check out the skyline view from the Audubon Center

The incomparable Pistacia Vera...'nuff said

Deepwood's neat rolled take on carpaccio...

...and killer, deep-crusted cherry pie (made using grandma's recipe--and tasting so also) were real winners

I Love Basi and I loved these Basi bites of spring--polenta with tomato jam...

...and English pea shooters

Yet another highlight (there were so many!) was the ceviche bar of the Worthington Inn

The wine was flowing like...well, wine, but I love my Watershed too, especially in the form of a Vesper (locally made gin and vodka splashed with Lillet) made by these guys

If you missed the party this year, don't make that same foolish mistake next year...see you then at the Grange