A is for Apron, P is for Party, R is for...you get the point, or, Where I'll Go Saturday Night: The North Market Apron Gala

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Did you know the word "apron" comes from the Greek stems "a"--meaning the negation of; and "pronos--meaning "hey George, you clumsy ass, you spilled olive oil all over my good tunic!"

OK, yeah, I made that up. But it's may attention-grabbing way of saying you really owe it to yourself to eat a whole Trojan Horse-full of awesome grub from all the awesome North Market vendors while likewise lapping up enough wine and local CBC beer to float the Argos (all for a goes-to-a-good-cause fixed price!) this weekend at the can't miss North Market Apron Gala.

See you there (I'll be clad in Italian pigmeat--no, I really mean it this time, you'll see!)