Fly.Union's "Hard Sell" video is incredibly fun

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Fly.Union's video for "Hard Sell," the lead single from their superb "The Greater Than Club," seems like a bunch of good, clean fun. OK, so there's a little NSFW language, but other than that, the clip just features the Columbus rap trio chilling and clowning in highly entertaining fashion. A painting by Columbus art impresario Adam Brouillette gets prominent display.

As for the music, well, good luck getting the hooks out of your head — both the melody and Swifa's "million-dollar mission" refrain. I also don't suspect you'll be able to resist the lush keyboard sounds underneath. And while you're wilding out, pause for a moment to consider Jerreau's humility ("I would like to thank you from the bottom of my pocket/ Lord knows I ain't seein' money, false profits") and insights on the American economy ("Being broke in America makes no sense/ And I'm a motherf---in' capitalist"). I think I get it now, guys. And it's really, really good.