Happiness Even After the Non-Rapture, or, Where I Played: North Market Apron Gala, some highlights

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

After not getting captured by the heaven-transporting "Rapture Rays" on Saturday night, I sought bliss in other places...

...Like a delicious glass of CBC's Summer Teeth ale at the rapturous North Market Apron Gala

Love Jen Burton (and that expression!) of the terrific Barrel & Bottle hooch shop. Here's Jen holding one of B&B's refreshing Pear Bellinis

Two chicken salads from North Market Poultry & Game's Kitchen Little--these things (one's atop homemade naan) really rocked

Rare roast beef perked up with condiments (spicy mustard) from North Market Spices

The famed mielone (like a sauerkraut ball on steroids--in a great way) from Hubert's Polish Kitchen (hand model: the lovely Johnny DiLoretto)

The Candy Shack's scallops and asparagus in Lemonhead candy sauce--it worked

The Fish Guys' smoked salmon--always a winner

The purely great Pure Imagination Chocolatier is unveiling a new line of beautiful little pastry and chocolate confections--I'll be writing about these very soon!

I'll soon also be writing about this weekend's always-fun Grill-fest also at the ever-partying North Market!