Looking for a Halloween costume?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

A friend of mine recently informed me that I will be Sylvia Fine, Fran Drescher's mom in "The Nanny," for Halloween this year. Not because she thinks I can pull off the eccentric character, but because another friend of ours can perfectly mimic the Nanny's grating laugh and will be going to Highball as Fran Fine. A night filled with shoulder pads, gold lame and Auqanet? Oy, please.

If you're still looking for a costume, stop byThe Alley vintage clothing store in Dublin (3498 W. Dublin Granville Rd.) this Saturday for a Tea Party and sale of intricate Halloween costumes - from pirates to cowboys, Scarlet O'Hara to flapper girls.

This weekend will mark the introduction of The Alley's Zombie Wear line, as well. (The shop's owner, Kit Matulich, is a professional costumer.) The line includes "vintage clothing distressed and worked over to make the perfect zombie costume," she said, like those in the photos above.