Group puts together unfunny "Sh*t People in Columbus Say" video

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Warning: You really don't have to watch this video.

So here's the deal: The S--t People Say meme's expiration date was well over a month ago. Unfortunately, nobody explained that to the group who put this so-unfunny-it's-painful video together. (Heck, even Columbus, Georgia had a S--t People Say video weeks ago.) Maybe it wasn't entirely the Oxiem group's fault that this video is so lame. I'm not convinced that Columbus has enough Columbus-isms to warrant an entire video -- though I wish it did.

Sure, most of the people who would click on this live in Columbus. But when you're putting together a project for public consumption that is supposed to represent a city as cool as ours, you need to represent the city well. Otherwise, you're no better than the people who sell cow-tipping-themed merchandise at the Columbus airport.