Yeah, we can't stop talking about Mad Men either.

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Season five of "Mad Men" doesn't premiere until Sunday on AMC, but we've been talking about it in the office for a couple weeks now. Naturally, tomorrow's issue of Alive is going to be full of stories in which we slake our muddled-Old Fashioned-fueled thirst for the show. Jesse Tigges reviews the premiere and offers recipes for some '60s-era cocktails that would make Trudy Campbell's toes curl. I talk about "Mad Men" style and make fun of Betty Draper. Fun!

But since the Alive isn't on stands until tomorrow and Sunday is still four days away, I've relied on the following items to help me get my fix today. This is me spreading the love... just like Don Draper. Bam!

1) The "Mad Men" viewing party planning guide. Oh, AMC, you are so smart. This guide includes everything from a list of songs to play before the show starts to downloadable Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce logos and "Mad Men" masks.

2) "Mad Men" characters if they were in "The Hunger Games." Glen Bishop ftw?! (What a weird kid, right?)

3) Interviews with the cast and creators. The whole cast comes when the New York Times calls.

4) "Mad Men" trivia. I scored a "Below Average." Must be because I have a small lady-brain! But I never burn cookies!