Comfest 2012: Style roundup/ Outfits I loved

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Fully recovered from this weekend's festivities? No problem. Read the festival's style report card as you work off that three-day hangover.

Comfest style accessory staples were in full effect-fringed T-shirts, hippie-print maxi skirts, tie-dye everything, daisy headbands and the following:


Exotic animals.


These things that make women feel like cool five year olds again.

Free love.

Well-dressed women represented today's trends. Bandeaus under sheer tops were popular (most likely to succeed were bandeaus under sheer neon, collared button down hi-lo blouses OR bandeaus with high-waisted shorts). But reigning supreme were skirts and dresses. Some of my favorite looks from the weekend:

Dudes were looking dandy in cutoff jean shorts. I also saw a lot of the greaser look, which I more than approve of: slicked back hair, T-shirts with one sleeved rolled up (holding them ciggies) and boot cut jeans rolled just above rugged black or brown boots. Some of my favorite Comfest men:

A complement to his lovely lady.

Love this outfit. From head to toe.

This guy's a DJ. Duh.

But the title of best dressed man goes to this guy:

Well-played, Lincoln Goodale.

Until next year! Live every day the stylish Comfest way.