Behind the Scenes of "America's Got Talent" Columbus Auditions

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Columbus Alive

Last Saturday and Sunday the reality competition show "America's Got Talent" held auditions in Columbus at the Convention Center. It was quite an experience with a whole cast of characters and performers on hand. I, along with Alive photographer Meghan Ralston, made the rounds meeting some of the people auditioning for the show. Here are some photos of the best and most memorable moments from Saturday. All in all, the "America's Got Talent" auditions were pretty cool, even if the event was missing the chainsaw juggler I so desperately wanted.

First up is Squirtman (aka Jim Gilkerson), who says he's Columbus' only superhero. Armed with a pogo stick and Super Soaker, Squirtman was clearly one of the stars of the day. He wanted to do a trick involving a ring of fire, but wasn't allowed. Bummer. This photo was taken as he filmed a promo for "America's Got Talent."

Inside the waiting area, there was a dance floor where individuals and groups would show off their skills. The room literally exploded when Michael Jackson songs were played. Seriously, people went crazy.

This is Adam Bonner getting down during the Michael Jackson interlude. The Columbus native performs around town at various water facilities (Worthington Rec Center, Scioto Mile, Easton) for kids as Fountian Frog. It was actually quite impressive to see the moves Bonner could pull off with that giant frog head on. Bonner made it to see the executive producers of "America's Got Talent," gave them his contact info and is waiting for a callback. "I'm happy if I just make some of the shots from Columbus. I don't have any preconceived notions, I'm just happy to be here," said Bonner.

This is Ian Bailey from Cincinnati and his talent is marital arts - as Batman, obviously. He tried out for "America's Got Talent" before in Season 2, but unfortunately just missed the cut. Bailey said he was beat out by Boy Shakira. Boo. He may look intimidating in the Batman costume - and he can do a dead-on impersonation of the Christian Bale growl - but he's actually a really nice guy. He posed for pictures throughout the day with kids and adults alike.

Justin Bieber or Vanilla Ice? Discuss.

Richard Isabell from Mayor Coleman's office came over the auditions to proclaim Saturday and Sunday were officially "America's Got Talent" Day(s).