A Pep Talk for America

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

By now, Kid President has pep-talked and danced to about 2.7 million viewers on YouTube with simple messages and encouraging words. He tells us "the world needs to stop being boring" and "we should all give the world a reason to dance." And that's, frankly, advice we could all heed. Just be awesome, America.

The self-appointed voice for a generation is found in 8-year-old Robbie Montague from Tennessee who, evidently, loves to talk. His simple but honest statements are almost as heart-warming as his smile.

Maybe it's hearing a child's version of life that takes us back to easier days and wins us over. Or maybe it's just how cute he looks dancing around in a suit and a smile. Either way, his one-liners are instantly quotable. NOT COOL, ROBERT FROST.

Special thanks to Alive intern Michele Theodore for writing this post.