Ohio among top craft-beer producers in country

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

It seems Ohio craft beer is quite popular, at least according to this New Yorker interactive map that shows Ohio produces more craft beer than any other state in the country except three.

The Buckeye State also ranked high (12th) in the number of total craft breweries (58), but came in near the bottom (48th) in terms of growth (.74 percent increase from 2011) and number of breweries per 500,000 people (2.5, which ranks 36th in the country).

The data indicates that most of the craft beer produced in the state is coming from small breweries, as the only producer to rank in the top 50 nationally in terms of production was Great Lakes (coming in at 19th with 119,624 barrels). The map's pretty cool, so beer lovers should definitely play around with it a little.

Data from The New Yorker map came from the national trade organization, the Brewers Association. Craft brewers are defined as independent operations producing fewer than 6 million barrels annually.