Coming to the new, improved Downtown: A new Vets Memorial, an interactive zoo exhibit, green space and more

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Huge news Tuesday for those invested in the ongoing transformation of Downtown Columbus into a vibrant urban destination, as opposed to the decaying urban wasteland of yore: At COSI, city officials announced plans for a mixed-use development at the Scioto Peninsula including a new Veterans Memorial and Museum (redesigned as a glass-and-steel museum and outdoor amphitheater), an indoor/outdoor interactive zoo exhibit and playground, lots of green space, retail, residential and more. Mayor Michael Coleman, Sen. John Glenn and all three county commissioners were on hand for the announcement.

"What is the Scioto Peninsula?" you might be wondering. It's that stretch of land just west of the Scioto River where COSI and the current Vets Memorial stand - the gateway to Franklinton, if you will. So both sides of that riverfront are going to look pretty fancy someday, and in a sense, the redevelopment of Franklinton rages on.

As Commissioner John O'Grady told The Dispatch, "This is the type of development, and redevelopment, that will change the face of our community for the next 100 years."

For more details, check The Dispatch's report. Also, here's some background on the plan.