Do you want spies with that?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

If you work at Donatos Pizza and were recently introduced to a new employee who appeared to be wearing a wig and some suspect-looking glasses, it's possible you actually crossed paths with company chairwoman Jane Grote Abell.

Abell, the daughter of Donatos founder Jim Grote and the public face of the Columbus-based company, is slated to appear on this week's "Undercover Boss," a CBS reality series where various head honchos don disguises and get their hands dirty(ish) working alongside the company's blue-collar employees.

In a brief teaser for the episode, which airs at 8 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 12, Abell can be seen wearing a black wig and cat eye glasses while chatting up a trio of workers, including one aloof delivery driver who appears to have wandered directly off the set of "Half Baked."

"She needs to hit the bong and just chill out for a bit," he advises in one aside, presumably right before sparking a blunt and firing up old YouTube clips of "The Sifl and Olly Show."

Watch the promo below and see for yourself.