Columbus Missed Connections: The Lonely Hearts Club Part 3

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Columbus Alive

I offer a thousand apologies for not posting Columbus' best missed connections last week. I was dealing with the great cheesecake crisis of 2013 at my family's Thanksgiving fete, and couldn't muster the strength. Trust me, I would have rather been scouring the interwebs...

But don't worry, because there are some real gems in this week's edition... perhaps some of the best thus far. Since local weather reports say Snowmaggedon is upon us, let these lovelorn Columbusites' pleas for companionship warm your heart and/or make you feel better about not having a date for your office Christmas party.

At least they have a common interest.

Screws and poles and puns, oh my!

This dude just described every guy at Bodega on Monday. How the hell is this girl supposed to know which one he was?

I wonder how this guy's wife knows about his "trashy" secret...

And then there is this gem... We're talking Craigslist hall of fame potential:

If this is real, that enema tech wasn't very professional.