Watch the first two episodes of Season 3 of HBO's Girls online for free

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

HBO's "Girls" debuted the first two episodes of Season 3 last night, which means you can watch them online this morning. The difference this time is that it's totally legit.

While HBO has been resistent to the idea of an online-only subscription model, the fact that their flagship "Game of Thrones" is the most pirated show on TV should probably point to the need for some kind of new model. (Their HBO Go service is only available to people who already have a regular pay cable HBO subscription.)

So, in seeking to maintain buzz for Lena Dunham's "Girls" among the young demo depict3ed on Lena Dunham's "Girls," HBO has posted last night's episodes to YouTube. Of course, they don't plan to continue this, so fans will likely turn to other, more dubious sources for their fix until the network figures out a workable solution.

In the meantime, the first episode is below. The second episode is here, because apparently embedding is disabled. Sigh. (I haven't watched yet, but I'm presuming them to be NSFW, because "Girls.")