Zauber Brewing Company releases 4 new beers

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

Zauber Brewing Company tapped four new brews today, and beer lovers of all kinds should be excited.

Myopic Red, Vertigo, Kitschy Kolsch and Berzerker are all available at the Zauber Taproom (909 W. 5th Ave.) as of today. No matter what you're into, there is something boozy and delicious to try.

Vertigo (Hefeweizen)- Light and summer-centric, this brew is perfect for patio sipping.

Myopic Red, (German Red Ale)- Get in the Buckeye spirit with this German Red Ale that you can sip for the entire tailgate party.

Kitschy Kolsch (Kolsch-style)- Sometimes referred to as a German Pale Ale, try Zauber's American interpretation of the German classic.

Berzerker (Belgian IPA)- Zauber's take on the iconic style, expect hops with a hint of fruit.

If you still want more (and, it's beer, so you will) keep your eyes peeled for two more brews to be released at other bars in September.