Wow, Bob, wow! David Lynch announces return of Twin Peaks to Showtime

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Columbus Alive

I've got good news. That TV series you love is going to come back in style.

After some mysterious tweets last weekend from "Twin Peaks" co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost hinted at a return to "Twin Peaks." today it appears to be official. "Twin Peaks" will return to television on Showtime in 2016. At least that's what this video tweeted by Lynch today indicates.

Dear Twitter Friends… it is happening again. #damngoodcoffee

- David Lynch (@DAVID_LYNCH) October 6, 2014

(Yes, it looks a bit like a cheesy fan-made video, but it's actually uploaded to the Showtime YouTube channel.)

No word on exactly what sort of revisiting of "Twin Peaks" will mean, but I'm one David Lynch fanboy who is hyperventilating at this news. Now all I need is to find a friend with Showtime ...

UPDATE: More details just released by Showtime:

  • Lynch and Frost will write and produce all nine episodes of the limited series.
  • Lynch will direct every episode. (That is awesome, awesome news.)
  • The series will be set in the present day, but "will continue the lore of the original series, providing long-awaited answers for the series' passionate fan base."
  • And, it what may be my favorite quote in a news release ever, Lynch and Frost add, "The mysterious and special world of Twin Peaks is pulling us back. We're very excited. May the forest be with you."