Scott Woods: What Columbus Politicians Think of Their Constituents

Scott Woods
The former Columbus Trolley Barn on East Oak Street in Olde Towne East

The idea that politicians are dumb is itself a dumb idea.

Politicians generally know what they’re doing, but more, they’re fairly versed in the counterarguments against the things they do. These are not unintelligent people. The question is whether what they’ve done is happening out of ignorance, malice or fidelity to a party or value.

Any criticism I lob against something the city has decided to do is not only researched and vetted, but also informed by work the city has done. As evidence, I present a recent panel discussion I was invited to sit on regarding gentrification. Prior to the dialogue, a City Council member, Shayla Favor, had been invited (unbeknownst to me) to give opening remarks. She read a statement about gentrification, even using the word twice, which I admit was a shock. City Council members try to never use the word, so I was taken aback by not only her convenient vocabulary, but the host of legitimate factors and issues related to gentrification that she was clearly aware of.

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