Media Reviews: Books for Kids

Carly Young
Jabari Jumps

JABARI JUMPS by Gaia Cornwall

Jabari has finally finished swim lessons and is ready to take on the diving board. But when he sees the height from which he must jump, he starts to have doubts. In this highly relatable story of what it means to overcome our fears, both children and parents will be inspired to see events that scare them as “surprises” and take on these challenges with a splash.FOR AGES 4-7


In this clever, journal-style picture book, readers are introduced in a humorous, lighthearted way to the fascinating yet harsh reality that is the life cycle of the praying mantis. P. Mantis recounts her day-to-day life from birth, which includes eating her siblings and dodging predators before eventually laying her own eggs in the fall and taking a “long nap.” The illustrations are colorful, with front and back cover pages full of facts about the praying mantis that are sure to keep insect lovers intrigued.FOR AGES 5-8

SUMMER OLYMPUS (DC SUPERHERO GIRLS) by Shea Fontana, illustrated by Yancey LaBat

Graphic novel lovers are sure to enjoy this installment of the “DC SuperHero Girls” series. Summer break has come to Super Hero High, but that doesn't mean a break from trouble. Wonder Woman's half-brother, Ares, has let his jealousy and the influence of their sister, Strife, get the best of him and has declared war on Metropolis. The whole Super Hero High gang tries to stop them, but must battle their conflicts with each other in order to come together and defeat this brother-sister duo's evil doings.FOR AGES 9-12


Tom Grendel is a teenager with a deep soul who likes to collect stories of the elderly women in his neighborhood, where he lives with his widower, veteran father who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. When his elderly next-door neighbors move and their niece and her children move in, trouble is cast upon Tom's summer vacation. The boy, Rex, throws loud parties at all hours of the night while the girl, Willow (originally the object of Tom's affections), is so mad at the world she's no help whatsoever. Readers will root for Tom as he attempts to stop the upsetting ruckus while dealing with frustrations related to love.FOR TEENS


Games for Change

This website offers a large database of games that inspire players to learn about social issues and important causes. Some games are free to download, while others have fees. Kids, teens and parents all are sure to find something to play that is fun and entertaining while they learn about a worthy cause and inspiring change.FOR AGES 7 AND OLDER

Carly Young is an information services specialist at the Northern Lights Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.