Media Reviews: Books for Kids

Matt Glaviano
One Little Monster

One Little Monster by Mark Gonyea

Naptime is interrupted by a monster invasion! While these creepy creatures aren't too scary, there are more of them on every page: sharp-toothed monsters, brick monsters and … a gas monster? What's a kid to do with 10 monsters who don't want to sleep? With its bright illustrations and singsong rhyme, this book makes learning beginning numbers frightfully fun.FOR AGES 4-8

The Loch Ness Monster: Behind the Legend by Erin Peabody

Are the things that go bump in the night real? Or just made up to scare us? This nonfiction series gives kids a chance to decide for themselves. Packed full of famous anecdotes, sightings and “evidence,” Peabody offers a great summary of all that has kept Nessie a part of pop culture for decades. TheBehind the Legend series offers this same mixture of history and lore for many monsters: Bigfoot, unicorns, zombies and dragons all have their own volumes. This one is filled with cool illustrations by Victor Rivas.FOR AGES 8-10

Scream and Scream Again! edited by R.L. Stine

Stine has introduced generations of children to the horror genre with hisGoosebumps andFear Street series. This volume, written with the Mystery Writers of America, has something for every beginning horror fan, from funny/scary up to the real thing. Think: scary ice cream trucks, zombies in haunted houses and killer iguanas. Start the campfire and get the s'mores ready, it's time to share some spooky stories with your ghouls.FOR AGES 8-12

Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

This is an alternate history novel with teeth. After the Battle of Gettysburg, the dead begin to rise, putting a halt to the Civil War. African-American children are forced into combat schools to help fight these dead who are threatening the world. When a friend asks kick-butt heroine Jane to help find a lost relative, things don't get any better. Blending the historical with the dystopian and horrific, “Dread Nation” mixes genres to challenge readers to explore the world in which they live.FOR TEENS

Matt Glaviano is the youth services supervisor at the Martin Luther King Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.


Math Vs Zombies by TapToLearn Software

Elementary-school-age children can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisionwith zombies. As the cute-yet-creepy creatures shamble closer, Common Core math skills must be applied to defeat the undead and reach the next level. The action and music of the game are interesting enough that players almost forget they're doing math.Available for Android and iOS.