Media Reviews: Books for Kids

Chrissy Spayde
Foods of the World

Food Truck Fest! by Alexandra Penfold

A family of four is packing up and headed out to the food truck fest. The chefs are busy getting the rolling kitchens ready for the festival. The lively rhyming text and busy illustrations are sure to keep young listeners entertained and engaged in the story.FOR AGES 2-6

Absolutely Alfie and the Furry Purry Secret by Sally Warner

In this book, the first in a series, Alfie Jakes (little sister of EllRay Jakes) is on a mission to get a kitten. Her family has always believed that she was allergic to pets, but Alfie knew better. She thought getting a kitten would help her feel better in her new second-grade class—her first year with a male teacher. Alfie's friend Hanni has a cat that just had kittens. But will Operation Princess be successful in adding a pet to the Jakes' home? This book is a great pick for young children who are reading above grade level since the characters and story appeal to a younger audience, but the vocabulary is more sophisticated.FOR AGES 6-8

Foods of the World by Libby Walden, illustrated by Jocelyn Kao

Explore foods from across the globe in this beautifully illustrated title. This book is divided into short sections filled with fun facts that are sure to grab kids' attention, and it is quick to flip through. Each two-page spread stands alone and explores different cultural traditions related to different foods. This would be a good book for students wanting to learn about different cultures and how food is important to people everywhere.FOR AGES 8-12

The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily by Laura Creedle

Lily is a 16-year-old girl who feels like her brain is broken. She has ADHD and dyslexia, and her mind is always racing half a minute ahead of what is actually happening. She meets Abelard, a young man on the autism spectrum, when both get in trouble in class for breaking something. They develop a quirky romance filled with text messages quoting a medieval story they've both read. This book offers a unique female perspective on living with ADHD and disability, which is underrepresented in current literature.FOR TEENS

Chrissy Spayde is the youth services librarian for the Southeast Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.


Blast Off

Blast Off, a game from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, gives players a chance to shoot a rocket into space by making healthy food and exercise choices. Kids are given a menu and calorie and nutrient goals and must choose the right amounts of foods to blast themselves to Planet Power. This online game would be a good choice for elementary students learning about nutrition and making healthy choices.