Media Reviews: Books for Kids

Laura Nawojchik

Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum by Dr. Seuss, illustrated by Andrew Joyner

This nonrhyming, nonfiction book is based on text and illustrations left by Dr. Seuss and found by his wife. Young readers will enter a museum and explore a wide range of real art. Readers will learn about art history and the intentions artists bring to their work. They also will catch glimpses of a certain famous feline in a hat. FOR AGES 5-10

Life: The First Four Billion Years by Martin Jenkins, illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith

This outsized work accomplishes its ambitious goal of presenting the entire history of life on earth. The text and vocabulary are high level, but the gorgeous artwork also will welcome younger readers into these glimpses of the distant past. FOR AGES 7-12 

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Stargazing by Jen Wang

Protagonist Christine is unsure of Moon when she meets her, and even more nervous when her parents invite Moon and her mother, who need a place to stay, to move onto their property. This is a charming, odd couple friendship story of two girls, both Chinese-American, who are different in almost every way. Moon will expand Christine’s world and help her blossom, while Christine learns how to be a true friend in a time of great need. FOR AGES 8-12

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky by Kwame Mbalia

In this new title in the Rick Riordan Presents line, seventh-grader Tristan is grieving the death of his best friend, Eddie, and dreading spending a month with his grandparents in Alabama. When Eddie’s mysterious notebook is stolen by a strange creature, Tristan accidentally opens a chasm into the terrifying MidPass and gets caught in an epic battle. And only the god Anansi, deep in hiding, can mend a hole in the sky. FOR AGES 9-14

Lovely War by Julie Berry

This epic, beautiful tale is full of romance, history and myth. The Greek goddess Aphrodite is caught with her lover by her jealous husband. In the midst of World War II, in a Manhattan hotel room, she distracts him from his anger with a tale of human lovers trapped in their own web. The story moves to 1917 and follows two couples ensnared in World War I while falling in love. Their story is full of trauma and prejudice but also music and hope. FOR TEENS

Keezy (Photo courtesy Keezy Corp.)

An App to Try: Keezy by Keezy Corp.

Keep kids busy during winter break downtimes without the usual screen time guilt. This app features a collection of eight user-chosen sounds, with an extremely simple interface of colorful rectangles. Use Keezy like a drum machine, to create multilayered songs, or even spoken-word poetry. Keezy is easy to use but offers a lot of creative potential. Ages 4 to adult. Only available for iOS.

Laura Nawojchik is a youth services librarian at the Whetstone branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.