Meet the Vendor: Run to an Elopement

Our Q&A series introduces our advertising partners

Emma Frankart Henterly
Columbus Monthly
Windi Noble owns Run to an Elopement, a professional wedding officiant in Columbus.

Tell us about yourself as the face behind Run to an Elopement? 

Run to an Elopement is me, Windi Noble, an effervescent weirdo who loves big and enjoys the human experience. I am married to my favorite human with one adult kid and four cat overlords. Some of my favorite ways to “waste” time include hiking, yoga, daydreaming, pareidolia, reading, traveling and connecting deeply with friends and loved ones. I’m an avid collector of mineral specimens, concert tickets and experiences. 

What should readers know about your business? 

I have been performing wedding rituals throughout the U.S. for about eight years now. I prepare unique, nontraditional, nondenominational wedding rituals for couples who are seeking a fun and authentic experience. I understand the importance of a meaningful yet entertaining ceremony. Marriage equality is a priority for me so, yeah—there’s that. 

What sets you apart from other professional officiants? 

I don’t have competitors—I have a community of fellow officiants, and it is my belief that we each bring something special to the table. My services include some uncommon rituals such as ring blessings, meditation, aura cleansing and more. My personality and attentiveness are what set me apart. 

What can engaged couples expect with working with Run to an Elopement? 

Polite, prompt and professional exchanges pre-ceremony, and a loving, attentive, calming presence on your wedding day, dappled with a lot of laughs and tons of knowledge on how to have an amazing ceremony. 

What is something you wish more clients knew about wedding officiants? 

The importance of hiring a professional officiant, especially when it comes to the whole wedding experience. If you are using a friend who is not a wedding professional, it will affect the flow of the rest of your wedding team. Your other pros will have to compensate for your friend’s lack of experience and knowledge. 

When should we hire our officiant?  

This depends on how important this day is to you. I hate telling couples that I am not available, but I am booking couples a year or two before their actual date. Last-minute weddings can be accommodated, though I would suggest planning and booking your officiant much like you would a caterer or venue if that part of the experience is important to you. 

Where are you located?   

I am located in Columbus. However, I do travel all over the state and I am happy to travel to your ideal location. I do not have a venue for you to come to, though I do have a list of amazing locations throughout the state and I love helping couples find the perfect location—let’s go outside.