Meet the Vendor: Alco-Haul Mobile Bar

Our Q&A series introduces our advertising partners

Emma Frankart Henterly
Columbus Monthly
Brent and Jamie Rapavy with the main Alco-Haul trailer at the Columbus Weddings Show in January 2022.

Tell us about yourself as the faces behind Alco-Haul Mobile Bar? 

We are Jamie and Brent Rapavy, a husband-and-wife entrepreneur team with over 50 years combined experience in the hospitality and service industry. At Alco-Haul Mobile Bar, service and entertaining are our specialties! With a degree in hospitality management from Florida International University, where we both met, we have spent years managing hotels, country clubs and restaurants—not to mention bartending and bar management. With this venture, we are both getting back to our roots after 19 years. Of course, drinking is one of our favorite hobbies. We love to explore new happy hours, drinking while on vacation and camping. Jamie's go-to drink is red wine, and Brent's is an extremely dirty, X-rated martini. We can't wait to mix up your favorite signature drink and bring the fun to you and your guests! 

What should readers know about your business? 

Providing a unique experience for our clients and their guests to talk about for years is our goal! We provide the 24-foot trailer equipped with TV, speakers, generator, refrigeration, sinks, tables and chairs. We provide amazingly talented and insured bartenders.  

In addition, we can make it super-simple and provide all your ice, cups, mixers, garnishes, napkins, straws and alcohol shopping list depending on your needs and guest count. Then we have a ton of add-ons like heaters, fans, frozen drinks, popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, yard games and more.  

We also offer a vintage, 1962 horse trailer bar that is perfect for smaller event spaces and may be rented with or without bartending services. It could be used as a coffee and hot chocolate bar, photo backdrop, sweets display, walk-up pizza display, non-alcoholic beverage station, etc. 

The vintage 1962 horse trailer bar

What sets you apart from other beverage programs for events? 

The size of our trailer, which includes two patios for seating/standing, bar seating, a TV for personalized slideshows and two awnings for rain and sun cover. Personally, we bring to the table over 20 years in wedding planning, so we can truly help make each wedding and event unique and personalized. 

What can engaged couples expect with working with Alco-Haul? 

Options that fit their needs and budget, customized service, stress-free planning and great customer service. 

What is something you wish more clients knew about renting a mobile bar? 

That this service is available at any venue that does not provide a liquor license and allows couples to bring in their own liquor. If the venue has its own license, the bar can still be rented at a reduced price (the bartenders would need to be provided by the venue and alcohol purchased from the venue). We are also happy to arrange directly with your venue in order to simplify the process. 

The 24-foot main mobile bar

Do you provide the alcohol?  

No, our clients are able to provide their own alcohol. 

Can we supply our own bartenders and just rent the bar?   

Unfortunately, the bartenders must be trained, certified and insured, so we would need to provide them. The only exception is a venue that provides liquor—then they would need to provide the bartenders.