Meet the Vendor: Dublin Cleaners

Our Q&A series introduces our advertising partners

Emma Frankart Henterly
Columbus Monthly
Wedding gowns at Dublin Cleaners

Tell us about yourself as the faces behind Dublin Cleaners? 

We’re Greg and Margaret Butler, the founders of Dublin Cleaners. Greg’s father founded Hudson Cleaners in 1934. Greg and Margaret relocated the cleaners in 1982 and renamed it Dublin Cleaners. Their son, Brian, came into the family business 20 years ago and now is the president and CEO of Dublin Cleaners.  

What should readers know about your business? 

Dublin Cleaners has five stores in the greater Columbus area, including New Albany Cleaners on the east side of town. Dublin Cleaners also offers twice weekly pick-up and delivery services at homes and offices in Columbus and the surrounding suburbs. In the last year, the company added another service: Fluff & Fold, the family laundry for busy families. Dublin Cleaners specializes in the cleaning and preservation of wedding gowns.  

What sets you apart from other dry cleaners? 

In the Columbus area, Dublin Cleaners is one of the only dry cleaners where all of the work on wedding gowns is done on-site at its main plant and Bridal Services Center at 6845 Caine Road in Columbus. The founders and owners of the business do all the wedding gown work personally. Dublin Cleaners has convenient, free home and office pick-up and delivery weekly. 

What can engaged couples expect when working with Dublin Cleaners? 

We spend time determining what the bride needs to get her wedding gown ready for her wedding, suggesting logistics, timing and offering suggestions the bride may not have considered to enhance her “going down the aisle” experience. Margaret is easily available via phone, text or email to consult with the brides before and after the wedding.  

What is something you wish more clients knew about gown cleaning and preservation? 

Dublin Cleaners is one of the only area dry cleaners that still does in-house services for wedding gowns; also, the owners and founders of the business are the people doing the work on the treasured wedding ensemble. We have a gown presser who does the pre-wedding pressing, and she has been with the company for 32 years. 

How does the owner of the wedding gown preserve her preservation?  

Once the gown has been preserved, the bride should keep her gown preservation chest in a temperature-controlled area of her home. Dublin Cleaners provides a cotton muslin bag to protect the bridal chest in storage. The bridal chest should not be stored in plastic of any kind, and it should not be stored in a basement, attic, crawl space, garage or unheated storage space.  

How best does the bride avoid getting hard to remove stains on her gown during her wedding?  

The most difficult stains to remove from delicate wedding gown fabrics are the stains a bride might get on the dress when walking across concrete or an asphalt parking lot. Concrete can also cause abrasion to the bottom layers of a gown. Have assistance from your bridesmaids or others to lift the bottom and train of your gown when you have to walk from the parking lot to the venue.