Meet the Vendor: Dublin Cleaners

Our Q&A series introduces our advertising partners

Emma Frankart Henterly
Columbus Monthly
Left, Dublin Cleaners founders Greg and Margaret Butler hold a photo from their wedding 50 years ago; right, a gown the couple has preserved.

Tell us about yourself as the faces behind Dublin Cleaners? 

We’re Greg and Margaret Butler, and we founded Dublin Cleaners. The original company, Hudson Cleaners, was founded by Greg's father, Bernard Butler, in 1934. In 1982, we moved the business to the northwest area and renamed it Dublin Cleaners. Our son, Brian, is the third generation in the family business, joining full time in 2003. Brian is now the president and CEO of Dublin Cleaners. We (Greg and Margaret) continue to work, and our area of responsibility is wedding gown cleaning, pressing and preservation on-site at our main location near I-270 and Sawmill Road. 

What should readers know about your business? 

Dublin Cleaners has a central plant concept, that is to say, all of the work that comes into any of the four locations and from the route delivery service is handled in in one location to maintain quality control. In addition to the main location at 6845 Caine Road in Columbus, there are locations in south Dublin and on Muirfield Drive, and we operate as New Albany Cleaners on the east side at Morse and Hamilton roads. We have 50 staff members, many whom have been with the company for well over a decade. 

What sets you apart from other gown cleaning and preservation services? 

Dublin Cleaners maintains very high standards. We have a state-of-the-art filtration system in the plant, and our staff have had decades of experience in the cleaning and finishing work. In relation to weddings specifically, we (Greg and Margaret Butler) personally handle all the cleaning and preservation work. Our dedicated gown presser, Lynn, has worked for the company for 33 years. 

What can engaged couples expect when working with Dublin Cleaners? 

All the phone calls or emails about wedding services are routed through me (Margaret). I have many suggestions to share with brides getting ready for their big day, including things they may not even have thought about. I try to be very comprehensive in finding out the details so I can make suggestions. For instance, how to transport their freshly pressed wedding gown from our store to its destination and how to avoid wrinkles before going down the aisle. 

What is something you wish more clients knew about gown cleaning and preservation at Dublin Cleaners? 

All the wedding work is done on-site in Columbus. We do not send our gowns to a third party. 

How long does it take to have a gown cleaned and preserved?  

The cleaning is done within the first two weeks of us receiving the gown. Then we offer our brides the opportunity to come in and see their gown before it goes into the preservation queue. Because of the number of gowns we receive, it typically takes 14 to 16 weeks to complete the work. 

Why should I clean and preserve my gown after the wedding?  

The best reason I can think of is to remove the soil and stains from your gown, because it is the most special garment you will ever own. Our process ensures that, if kept in the proper area of your home, your gown should look as good as it did when it went into the chest for decades to come. The process preserves the memory of your wedding day and, as time goes on, it gets even more special—even if it is never worn again.